Young Youth

A buddy of mine posted on Facebook the other day "Getting old still feels new to me." I concur, I only know how to be young.


For example, if someone told me to act my age, I'd be all "Beat it pops, this is a revolution," and he'd be like "What you'd say, you little punk?!," I'd all be all like "Sorry, that was a misprint, genius," or something clever like that, then I'd pop a wheelie on my BMX and dust would fly in the guy's face, and then I'd ride down the street and this lady would yell out the window "I thought I told you to slow down, there are kids in this neighborhood!," and I'd be like "Hey, it's a free country, haven't you heard?," and I'd laugh, and then my mom and dad would get pissed later and ground me, but then I'd sneak out of my bedroom window at night and go meet Mary Alice at the half-pipe, and she'd be all "What took you so long?," and then we'd make out and smoke cigarettes.