Great Moments in Sitcom-Core History #3

This is a series devoted to great moments in the history of Sitcom-Core programming.  This is meant to celebrate the more obscure moments in sitcoms that you may have missed.  You won’t find an over-caffeinated Jesse Spano singing “I’m So Excited” here.


Full House – Season 6, Episode 8 – “The Play's the Thing" – November 17, 1992


Your eyes are not deceiving you, that large picture is of Danny Tanner sitting naked in a bath tub with twins that are not his own.  Those twin boys belong to Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky, they are Danny's nephews.   I know we're not to supposed to presume that something nefarious is happening, but I think most people would find this arrangement at least somewhat inappropriate.  The scene is especially uncomfortable, as Becky walks in on them unaware of what is occurring.  The plot of the story is how Danny is hogging the boys all to himself, because he misses having young children around.  The expression on his face in that picture says in all.  He farted in the tub.