The Electric Grandmother Discography



Channel 224


Police Department Theme Song

Hats & Canes

Radial Sunrise

We Made It

Channel 17

Cop Force Opening Credits

Feedback Lives

You're Going to See Someone Not Drinking Water

Praise the Sun


Channel 34

Cut the Net

Cry in Your Mouth

Dead Swan in the Living Room

The End?

The bodyguard soundtrack (2015)

The Bodyguard

Michael Jordan

Madonna Was Once Just Like You

Mr. Madonna

Mr. Mom

Three Men and a Baby

They Photographed My Penis

Bill and Hillary Clinton Making Out in a Hot Tub Full of Poop and Pee

Major Dad

We Here at NASA

The Raptor Rap

The Tired Robots Ride the Subway

Fuller House


Kiss Your Food

Food Gives Us Shit

We Threw Up on Nuns

Skis CDs

Vulture Lives

The Hawk

Red Hot Oahu Blues

The Tired Robots Drive the Race Car


Groovin’ on the Jack Move (1999-2000)

The Electric Grandmother
Eddie “Funky Hunk” Winslow
The Smooth Contest
A Door Named Dad

Carlton Banks
Forever – Uncle Jesse cover
Brandon vs. Columbia House
Outside, Inside
The Schroeder Update
Max Battimo
Michael J. Fox Went to My House
Harley Weewax
Oh, That Show!
Jesse Can Eat Shit
Michael Stoyanov
Jenna Von Oy
Albert Clifford
Clip Show
Rhyme on Time
Judge Phillip Banks
Danny Tanner Had a Wife (Original)
Tacos and Bowling Are on Me
Leanna Creel

Street Man (2000)

Touching the Drummer from the Jets
There’s a Girl
Steven Keaton
Uncle Of…
Max Burger
Kelly Kapowski Wants to Sleep With Thee
The Five Aces
Oh DJ Tanner, You Know How it Goes
A.J. and P.D. on the F.P. of B.A.
Tony’s Chores Aren’t Done Yet
Wreckin’ Tha Mic
Michelle Has Bricks For Brains

Four My Friens (2000-2001)

Zack Morris Keeps the Status Quo
King Ralph
Poop on My Pee
Jodie Sweetin
My Neighbors Suck
In a Room
I Can’t Help Myself
Night Terrors
My Skin Hurts
Get Well Song For Mrs. Robertson
Grandma Diss You (One Man Jam)
Bicycle Around Town
Walking Through the City
Got to Have that Rock n’ Roll
You Have a Friend in Me

Marry Me (2001)

Remember That Day

Annoying in the Morning (2001-2002)

Jeepers Creeps

Cement Lunch
Doogie's My Friend

AC Pee

Fall on Rocks

Sea Romp

Ride the Wild Dogs

Nice Mind

Yo Knife, Telephone!

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Hi Rudy!


Table Reading

Sun Shield

Hey Everybody


Mint Jelly/Extra Pootis (2002)

My Butler is a Lazy Bum
Went to Town


Feel Field

Wheelbarrow Hill

Grinding to a Halt

Design (Original)

New Zealand
Homework Machine

Crustacean Love



America Forges On (2002)

Ship on the Sea

Last March of the Tired Robots
Not Very
The Certified Serpent
Slater Town
Gray Bird
Bob Saget is in My Garage
Prequel to a Previous Song
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
I Directed a Movie With Pauly Shore
The Way They've Changed
Scurry North
Night Court
America Forges On

Everywhere  - Michelle Branch cover

The Pee




love in an escalator (2012)

Love in An Escalator

The Internet

Peter’s Problem

Reagan’s Got the Bomb

Mac Tonight


Mom, What are Girls Like?

Grandpa’s Grave

Mac and Me

Mr. Clyde

Virtual Reality Helmet

Writing the Station

Mrs. Doubtfire

The Sin of Pride

Baby Geniuses

Here’s Your Fuck Stuff

60 Seconds of Double Dare

Mike’s Revenge

Two Dillweeds

The Tired Robots Ride the Escalator

Listening party (2010)

Listening Party

My Neighbors

Purple Shit


England-Man American

She’s Trouble!

A Man Called ZZ Top

Piece of Poo

New Coke Rap

September 15, 1987

Ukraine Sexy Girls

Bob and Richie Go to Mexico


The Alexvanderpoolera!

The Stenographer (2007)


The Blossoming

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Wife Girly

The Day I Pretended to Watch Airwolf

Mount St. Helens, 1980

Carol’s Revenge

Medicated Days

Dragnet ‘87

Miami is Nice


They Shouldn’t Mess With Me

The Stenographer

The Cushion Lounge

Pee sells... but who's buying? (2005)

I Was a Teenage Theo

Here Comes the Urkel

Small Wonder (Popular By Demand)


Murphy Brown’s in Your Town

Car Phone

Depend on Balki

Mind(e) Violins(ce)

Hangin’ Out With Mr. Cooper Sucks

Big Chuck and Lil’ John

It’s About How it Blows

Amen, Amen (The Pinheads)

Max Battimo is Kind of Old

Doogie’s Lost Youth

You Have Seen Inside of This Room

Real Reds

Big John (John II)

Rachel’s Place

My Best Friend

Out the Window

Letting Go of the Fresh Prince

J and J

Rain Down With the Thunder

Watching the Cosby Show

Skippy’s Date With Dentistry

Yo, Pee Pee Man!

Summer Circus

Uncle Phil is Sleeping

Yo, Hot Wheels! / Hey, Uncle Zeke!


Bob Saget Marches On

They Don’t Call You

sin city sex mix (2004)

Penny In My Hand (from Miss Rogers' 1st Grade Music Class)

Really Low

Say Hello

The First Day of Christmas


Jagged Sky


Rode Around

I Just Visited

I Make Songs For You to Dance to

Trem To

We Didn’t Have to Get Married

Don’t Change on Me

Etch and Cut

Milkshake (Kelis cover)


I’m Insane, Ben’s to Blame, Growing Pains

City Destroyed

The Knifing

Tom’s Girl

Trial by Wheatfield

Uncle Jesse Married Becky (Fuck Populi)


No Patriarchy





Blow Show

Eric Trip

Dance Party

Don’t Burn the Oil Fields

Elbows on a Large Car

96 Summers

George Peppard

Diseases of the Trees

Police Academy


Ride on His Bike

Real Freedom Easily Done

Attack of the Tired Robots

I Wanna Be Stiv Bators

Japanese Watercolor (Residents cover)

Carnage in the Window

Light Glows


The Tired Robots Ride the Space Coaster


My Thing

Larry Hoot Hall


Theo Cosby

California High School

Morning City Traffic

The Earth Was Created 18 Days Ago

Marty Party

Design – Revisited

Song for the Cohort


I Met Her at the Rat (Queers cover)


My Imaginary AUDIENCE (2003)

Hi Everyone! / The Sipowicz Test

Ride Your Tricycle


Ron Johnson

The Final Countdown (Europe cover)

Michael Jackson Falls

Fright You

Danny Tanner Had a Wife – Revisited

Brown Motel

Aluminum Sighting

Sometimes (Nice)

Makin’ Out With Richie Cunningham

Diet Lips

Four Mye Friens

Broke Inn

I Always Go Back To It


Doctor Dare

Urkel on Airplane

Hurry Back


Tree Head

Sick Little Boy in Scotland

Where This Is

Sick – E!

Screech Visits the High Geek

Surf Neptune

Joe Strummer

(#29 is unlisted/hidden)