Lay down, wait for some peace 

Terrified of what the day will bring 

Got no one, and no one's got me 

Close my eyes, so lonely 

Mom she says start a family 

Wife and kids, baby 


Let me tell you about my VCR 

It rewound tapes and tore them apart 

Hit play, but it'd never start 


A light starts shooting out of my TV 

A new kind of warmth I've never seen 

A man and a woman staring back and me 

I think they might be married in real life 

Touch the screen and it feels yellow 

It's time to settle down now 

Let's settle down now


Hey, it's me, Mr. Police 

I think I'm the man of your dreams 

We can do remarkable things 

Wear my ring and move me to sing 


Protect and serve 

I won't let you get hurt 

Cuz everybody's heard 

We're something to observe 

I love you 

(Police Department) 

Tune in to 

(Police Department) 


Hey, it's me, Mrs. Police 

I think I'm the gal of your dreams 

We can do remarkable things 

Wear my ring and move me to sing 


(Repeat Chorus) 


Babe ya gotta know that you're on my mind 

On the beat, I would cover you anytime 

And you know I'd never call no backup at all 

I'll be right back in your station whenever you call 


Are you saying that you'll be right there for me? 

That's a promise that I find hard to believe 

But I believe that, and I believe you 

Let's tell 'em all about our love so true 


(Repeat Chorus)


Baby, sweet relief is here 

We got a new plan and nothing to fear 

You better pick up the phone and call someone 

Take out your dentures, cause the night is young 


You see the Police Department is on TV, ya know 

It's everything that you're wanting to see, so 

Kick off your shoes and turn it on 

It's for me, you, and everyone 


Police Department here to show us how 

Life used to be tough, but it's better now 

Radial sunrise here to clean us out 


It's here to clean us out 


It used to be when I'd go to work 

You know treated me like I was a jerk 

But confidence is what it's all about 

I might even ask a lady out 


You see the Police Department is on TV, ya know 

It's everything that you're wanting to see, so 

How could anyone want any more? 

Can't wait to see what they have in store 


(Repeat Chorus) 


Police Department's guarantee 

A new place is a place to be 

This could be our destiny 

A new life for you and me 


(Repeat Chorus)


As I walk down the street 

The birds sing to me 

We made it 


There's someone listening 

So there's no need to be 


I'm just elated 


The type of day that you could fall in love 

Police Department maybe could be enough 

C'mon life, give me all that you got 

It's not so bad once you give a shot 


Co-workers stare at me 

They stare is disbelief 

We made it 


Now everything I see 

Holds possibility 

It's faded 

Those things I hated 


And so I'm wondering how 

I didn't make it till now 

Was starting right in my face 

Time to get out of this place


Twin boys on screen 

If you know what I mean 

They're macho 

And it's so plain to see 


It's just what I need 

To unwind everything 

They've got something 

And it's not just me 


This show has action 

It gives me satisfaction 

They put a guy in traction 

What a nice distraction


They don't have a wedding ring 

They have new technology 

Change the channel if you please 

Enough of these moralities 


Ladies of the office 

Wave your hands if you love Police Department 

We know you want true romance 

Not just twin brothers in tight pants 


This new show don't have two people in love 

It just has two people I'd like to shove 

My salvation came from heaven above 

This came from hell and I've seen enough 

There's no way 


Ladies of the office 

Wave your hands if you love Police Department 

We know you want good clean fun 

Not just big men shooting guns 


(Repeat Chorus) 


And when we come back 

You're not going to see someone drinking water 

You're going to see someone not drinking water


Why would you sing that same old tune 

Recycled plots acted by fools 

In this life of pee and poo 

There's a light that has shone through 


And oh, who me? 

Why worry 

I am free to make history 


For that that's come 

We praise the sun 


Freak out, sun child 

Your daddy can give you the moon 

And you can just do one thing for daddy, butterfly 


All come along, praise the sun


So this new show is so lame 

Like mine without a brain 

And it's driving me insane 


And the people will complain 

Won't stand for this shit stain 

We'll start our own campaign 


(We gave it our best shot 

We didn't know how long it was going to last 

These things happen) 


Why can't others see? 

It can't be only me 

It's so hard to believe 


I can't even conceive 

How this came to be 

There's only one police 


(We'd like to thank everyone for tuning in 

And I'll be sure to let you all know 

About my new project) 


Why couldn't you just leave me alone? 

I never did anything to you 

(And while it may be others who do corner us 

It was our choice to turn the gun on ourselves) 

How I've played this song over and over 

But it doesn't touch you at all 

People say that I appear as a clown 

But it's my insides turned outwards


Somewhere amidst the rain and snow

Lived a man who knew he found a show

He knew it was the path to go

He leapt in and before you know


Now here we go again 

Somebody cut the net 

Now all the basketballs 

Are falling on my end 

And I don't know why 

I don't know why 

This always happens to me 


Am I asking too much 

Asking so much 

Asking too much 


Never thought I'd be back again 

Never thought I would lose this friend 

Now I'm lost in the past again 

With a shell just to represent 


Write it all down and show me


You look to me like heaven sent 

Your love on Earth came true 

When you stand you're like the water 

Or a newborn turned blue 


Blood child, blood on the child 

Release the night unto the water 

This rose on your moistened skin 

Is it yours to give? 


It's time now 

To cry in your mouth 

Every tear a ruptured fantasy 

It's time now 

For letting things out 

In this world 

You must fall before you see 


You were not the plastic mass 

You were the one that's true 

And when you removed your mask for me 

And your face was blue 


(Repeat Chorus) 


Father please forgive me


Because I cared 

Took up the fight 

Did I what I thought was right 


Now here I live 

No point to give 

Like a dead swan 

A dead swan 


Sometimes do you wish you could 

Reach back for a time that's good 

Or return to a safer place 

When you're lost in time and space 


They're moving on 

It's all gone 

They're moving on 

All gone


Did you call the police on me? 

In the department you and I can be 

In jail love 


Have you called the police on me? 

In the department you and I can be 

In jail love 


In the cell 

Made for us 

Just you and I 


(We just want to dispose of you) 


Do you ever wonder what you were 

Before they done kicked you to the curb 

It's not even that they don't call you 

In fact, there's a chance it is all you