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"Cancelled" is the chilling tale of a man whose sanity is threatened by the loss of his favorite TV show. Those who know the Electric Grandmother will not be surprised by the absurd premise but will be surprised by the dark turn the sound and feel takes in the second half of the album. Cancelled is (very) loosely based on challenges the husband-wife members of EG faced during a dark period that recreates for the listener a sense of helplessly watching as the thing you love most slips away.

"Cancelled" Released September 6, 2017


New album from The Electric Grandmother!  

CD version released on September 6, 2017.


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Track Listing:

Channel 224


Police Department Theme Song

Hats & Canes

Radial Sunrise

We Made It

Channel 17

Cop Force Opening Credits

Feedback Lives

You're Going to See Someone Not Drinking Water

Praise the Sun


Channel 34

Cut the Net

Cry in Your Mouth

Dead Swan in the Living Room

The End?


February 24, 2018

Washington DC

Slash Run


Spirit Pilots