This Tuesday in Submarine

I had a dream last night that I was part of a group that was intending to be the first people to watch a wrestling PPV underwater in a submarine. The event was a live broadcast of the “This Tuesday in Texas” event which aired on December 3, 1991, which included the ordered Hogan-Undertaker rematch by President Jack Tunnney.


We rode around on top of a bay trying to find a place to dive, but the water was too shallow. We gave up after a while and decided to drive the submarine on the street to try and find a place to watch the match. We drove through some grocery stores, but we only found people in the lobby staring at TVs with text that said you had to order the event to watch. Meanwhile, the main event was halfway through, and the Undertaker punched Hogan’s face which made a pile of goo land at referee Earl Henber’s feet, who for some reason was with us in the submarine instead of the ring.