#100, "Tennessee," Arrested Development (1992)

By way of introduction, I'm going to post a song or two a day until I get to my all-time favorite. I don't know how precise this is. It's my list and I made the rules, so some of the selections are sketchy. I do know that I like "Tennessee" better than "Possum Kingdom" by the Toadies, which was the last track I cut. I'm not sure if I like "Tennessee" better than "Good Good Things" by Descendents, which was the second-to last song I cut, but Descendents are already on the list. But by the end, I do have a list of 100 (in order) and it's a good list. I also have a Spotify playlist, which I will share later. 


Anyway, "Tennessee." I've mentioned before that the 90s were weird, looking back. At once shockingly progressive compared with what came before it but also very quaint compared to contemporary pop culture. A lot of cool stuff that had been bubbling under the surface kind of rose to the top and the best of the alt-hip hop stuff that surfaced was Arrested Development and "Tennessee" was their first and best mainstream single. As primarily an alt-rock fan, for me, the crossover was real and I dug them though I didn't have the money or the motivation to expand my horizons enough to get the album (you don't have to tell me to go get it or whatever, it's still on a long-range to-do list), so this just stands for me as a shining, enduring example of how we thought mainstream music had transcended corporate boundaries. It seemed like a new era.