#97, "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)," En Vogue (1992)

This song is 100% the summer of 1992 along with a handful of others (e.g., "Life Is a Highway" comes to mind immediately). The summer of 1992 was very boring and didn't mark any particular milestones, so I watched a lot of MTV. Those in a similar position at the time might recognize the fact that "My Lovin'" was one of those they played every hour. And I don't blame them because both En Vogue and this song are AMAZING. They deserved to be played every hour. Just--just look at it. 


Every single one of the En Vogues are impossibly beautiful, each in a distinct way. And you cannot deny that their songs aren't wonderful. I could have also picked "Free Your Mind" for this list, but decided on the first of the Funky Divas singles. It edges the other out. Both are so, so good. I remember at the time talking to a Grunge Boy about how despite being grungy myself, I loved En Vogue and would fight him over it. He predictably gave me a little shit and I figured he couldn't understand. I think En Vogue did not appeal to boys of his kind, but appealed to the vast majority of adolescent girls. 


20-odd years later, Pete and I decided to eat-in at a Pizza Hut. On impulse. We wanted to get Pan Pizzas and drink soda out of those giant red cups. Neither of us had been in like ten years, so we thought it would be a fun, retrofabulous experience. We knew very well we could get better pizza elsewhere, but didn't want better pizza, we wanted Pizza Hut. We became giddy when we saw they had a working jukebox. I scurried on over and after a few minutes decided on this one. It started: Oooooooooh--BOP. And he cracked up (audibly from across the dining room we pretty much had to ourselves) because it was so perfect. 


I guess all of En Vogue made a made-for-tv Christmas movie a few years ago. I never watched it. The wind was taken out of my sails when I realized it was probably pretty religious. But I'm glad to know they're all still best friends.