Nancy Reagan Maxi​-​Single for 2020

Hey there! By now you all know about our song/video for "Nancy Reagan." What you may not know was that was one of two songs conceived for a for a live "Presidents Day" performance at Slash Run on February 9, 2019. The other song is included right here as the B-side for our brand new Maxi-Single for 2020, it's called "Nancy Reagan on Diff'rent Strokes." You also may not know that the inspiration for the songs came off a suggestion from or friend Sarah, though she forgets and/or denies that.


"Nancy Reagan" acts/has acted as the lead single for our new album called "Relaunch." We have another new-NEW single to debut for you sooner than later. And then some news about the new album, which is hella coming soon. Been a helluva journey. 🥳 Be sure to tell your friends and fiends!


Nancy Reagan Maxi-Single for 2020