What's Wrong With Christian Rock?

In 1995 while I was laid up in the hospital recovering from a car accident, this one nurse lady caught wind that I was a fan of rock music, and she one day said to me grinning and wide-eyed, "I'm going to get you a book that tells you what rock and roll is REALLY all about." She got me this book pictured here, "What's Wrong With Christian Rock?"


There are a few ways you could interpret this title, but the gist of it was that "Even though they're singing about Jesus, rock music is still not okay, because it's ultimately fueled by Satan." I think that cartoon is supposed to be of Amy Grant, but it looks more like Michael Jackson. I don't remember much about it, but there were generic and spurious examples cited of rock lyrics from bands that never claimed to be Christian, stuff like, "Oh yeah yeah, me and my boys like to drink whiskey and party with the ladies, rock and roll," and the author was like "Now if you can see Jesus in THAT line, I'd certainly like an explanation."


For some reason the book kicked around my parents house for a while, then I presume my mom eventually got rid of it.