I Know You Called

I imagine when other people hear "Star 69" by REM, they also think of the time they were peacefully sitting in their bedroom as a teenager listening to the song when suddenly they heard their dad scream at the top of their lungs "HEYYYY!!! STOP THAT!!!," which made you cringe in embarrassment because you knew it had to be something really stupid, and then you come to find out later it was in response to these two boys you knew across the street taking off their shirts (which in retrospect was pretty homoerotic) and engaging in a fistfight, which your dad had thought to intervene in, but thankfully one of the boys' fathers intervened instead, because your dad is not the type who should be trying to break up fistfights, and then your mom relays the story seemingly placing partial blame on you somehow, because you knew the boys that were fighting. Am I right?