The Gift

Last night I had a dream that I was at a gathering, seated on a couch next to Donald Trump. He leaned over to me and quietly asked if I wanted my photo taken with him, I said I did not. We sat in silence for a few moments, and he asked again if I wanted my photo I taken with him, and I once again politely declined. We sat in silence a few moments more, and then he spun his body around and began kicking my thigh with his legs in a rapid-fire motion, like he was having a tantrum. "I'm going to film this!," I shouted, struggling to get my phone out. "Well I'm going to film YOU!" he fired back, and began to narrate a video of me. "Look at this guy's hair!" he said, and showed me a film of myself, but it wasn't me, I looked more like a panicked version of a young Screech, specifically from the episode "The Gift."