The Fight

Thoughts on "The Fight" episode of Saved By the Bell:


I got into my last real "fight" when I was 15. It was something that I lamely provoked, and it didn't go well for me. I got in scuffles from time to time, probably cuz I was a little angry guy with something to prove. I figured the moderate pummeling I took would be a solid finale to this era for me.


Which brings me to Slater and Zack. This guys are monsters by comparison to me at that age. Fistfights by people this size are weird and dangerous. I can't imagine someone the size of Slater reeling back and punching my sweet, soft face. Fighting should be left to little children, because you might get up afterwards. Unless you want to punch a nazi or Don Jr. or something, that's cool.


And finally, this fight was basically a push, which always bugged me. I know Zack had grown some by now, but Slater should have beaten the piss out of him nevertheless.