Nice Dream

I had a dream last night that I was out in a field near a rustic old house, and there was a MAGA hat on its roof. I enlisted the help of some guy with a broom to help me get it down so I could make sure whomever it belonged to wouldn't get it back. When we eventually got it down, it was filthy and covered with ants.


Across the field near a cliff facing an ocean was a pile of MAGA hats on a table. I somehow knew these hats were there as part of a promotional effort. I took the hats and threw them off the cliff and onto a large brush below. I then lit the ant-covered hat from the roof on fire and threw it down onto the brush. The brush burst into flames and a large fire engulfed the hats.


News traveled fast and wide about the MAGA hat bonfire that raged on and on. Donald Trump went on TV and said "Obviously, this was an act committed by blah blah etc." The fire eventually caused a part of the cliff to break off into the ocean, which caused the water to retreat. Thousands of people danced freely where the water once had been. The water eventually came roaring back, but everyone got away from the ocean floor safely and in time.


I then went to a restaurant with Mary Alice and was talking about what I had done.  She suggested I not spread that info too far around out of fear of getting caught. "That was you?," a lady at the next table remarked with a smile.