The Hamburger Man

This movie takes place in the 50's, before there were the type of restaurants you'd go to.  There was a man who knew about a great restaurant, where two brothers were making food in a way that he'd never know.  He decided that he didn't want to sell metal shake parts anymore, and so he moved and became The Hamburger Man.


The brothers didn't like him, because he was making too much money, and they wanted him to leave.  He decided that he was going to do it anyway, and so he opened a lot of restaurants.  Then they got mad, because he wanted to do different milkshakes.  He met the woman that told him to do it, and they got married.  She was married to someone else.  


In conclusion, the brothers eventually got money from The Hamburger Man, because he knew he had to do it.  They were mad at him, because he took their name and made his, and then he didn't care.  There were a lot of things that he did different that they didn't like.


In conclusion, The Hamburger Man made a lot of money that was never his, and then told them they couldn't have any more money, and the man almost died.  The man came to see him with flowers, but then they were mad, because they didn't like it.  The end of the movie said that he was rich.