Fuller House

So I had this dream last that there was this smart-ass fellow who was being threatened with physical violence by two larger men because of something he said to them. It was one of those dreams where it started out that the smart-ass being threatened was me (go figure), but then it changed to another guy later on. The goal of the entire community was to try and distract the two threatening men so that the cute, misunderstood guy could get away safely.


So there ended up being a large group of people hatching a plan to distract the two men while the me-guy hid from them. Myself and the group of people determined that the best way to distract the two violent men was to tell one of them that his son had been killed, and that he needed to leave right away. So we told one of the men that his son had been killed, and he got adequately upset and departed. A large cheer went up as the two men disappeared from sight, and the hiding fellow emerged, covered in dirt but safe. I ran over and gave him a hug, and he was subsequently tackled by the rest of the supporting crowd. As we continued to celebrate, we started to sing this tune where we repeated "We kicked their ass!" over and over. I woke from the dream with the melody still in my head, and so I got up and sang it into my hand-held digital recorder. It was then that I determined that the melody, and subsequent rhythmic bassline that I groggily came up with would be used for the final song I'll write for the new EG album, and it will be about the upcoming series "Fuller House." What better way to celebrate the new Full House-spinoff than to write a song about it in advance.


Thank you, good night, and good luck.