More Dreams (5:30 AM)

Just woke up from a dream where EG was going to open for Sugar Ray, New Radicals, and Ice-T & Bodycount at the now defunct Columbus club Little Brother's. While at the club, I was talking to a couple of bros who reminded each other that New Radicals was on the bill. "That's who I couldn't remember" I chimed in. "Oh, and that grandma band," one guy replied (as in, he didn't know who they were). "I'm in that band," I replied. "Oh really?" the other bro said, "I hear that Conrad is going to be there," and I wondered how the news of my nephew's surprise appearance had traveled so fast. I walked out to watch New Radicals open the show (and not us for some reason), and there weren't a lot of people watching them. I took a photo of the crowd to share on Facebook, and I felt bad for them.


Later on backstage, Ice-T came walking up the stairs while I was sitting on them. "What's up T," I said. "What's up brother," he gently replied. He was having a lot of trouble walking up the stairs, and he declined my offer to help. We sat together at the bar, and I ordered a regular beer while he ordered a non-alcoholic one. The bartender almost mixed them up by mistake.


Prior to the beginning of our set, I had to go to a work meeting. I must have lost track of time, and I told my co-workers that I had to leave right away, because my band was opening this big show. I got a phone call from a mysterious man who was apparently my former basketball coach (I never had a basketball coach), who was wondering where I was, because he was running sound for me. I tried to get out of there quickly, but I couldn't move fast enough. I tried to text Mary Alice to start setting up, but I couldn't type the words correctly. I finally caught the elevator from my workplace down to the club (?), and stumbled in to see my friends Mobius Strip onstage. They offered to go early (apparently they were on the bill now too) because I had missed sound check. I sat down to have a beer with Mary Alice, who told me that she had heard that Vanilla Ice and ICP would not be appearing after all.


Quite honestly, I think I left some stuff out. Ok, back to bed.

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