Steve Strovan

About a year after America's Funniest Home Videos was on the air, my friend insisted to me that the host of the show was a guy named "Steve Strovan." I knew that wasn't his name, though I couldn't think of the real name of the host in the moment (how times change). So I gladly took and won the $1 bet he proposed after looking it up in the TV Guide.


Weeks later, my friend was hanging out with another kid, and he asked for the "dollar I lent him" so they could get a pizza. I was hanging out with his older brother that day, and I reminded him that he lost the bet about "Steve Strovan" being the host of AFV. "It IS Steve Strovan!" he proclaimed half-assuredly. "No it isn't you idiot, it's Bob Saget!" the older brother shot back.


To this day, I don't know who "Steve Strovan" is, or what the hell he was talking about. 


UPDATE: Our friend Noah determined with a 99% probability rate that my friend was referring to one "Steve Skrovan," who hosted a late 80's ripoff of Candid Camera called Totally Hidden Video.