Mr. Rocky

Pictured above is the cover from the recently distributed 2003 album "Dickalis."  The original cover was a bit more gritty before it was cleaned up by Brent.  


The photo is an actual picture from a box for a pair of 5-lb weights that I got in the mid-80's.  As you can see, the 80's woman is totally checking out the 80's man curling with 5-lb weights.  I asked my parents for these because I wanted to have muscles.  I believe that I personally picked these out at a sporting goods store.  I would lift them for minutes at a time, and then go to my sister and yell "LOOK AT MY MUSCLES!"


Not only did I get these weights, but my dad made a punching bag for me that attached to the enormous tree in our backyard.  It was a plastic grocery bag with Styrofoam peanuts inside, and I would put on wrist bands and punch it while chanting out loud, "Rocky! Rocky!"  There was one time where I pictured Sylvester Stallone as Rocky walking up behind me - I turned around in shock, and stammered "Oh...Mr. Rocky, I was just trying to (get in shape?)," something along those lines, and then he said something to me like "You're doing good, kid."


The workout regimen was a success, until our neighbor Elizabeth kicked my punching bag while swinging on our tire swing, exploding it all over the grass, and thereby robbing the world of a potential amazing physical specimen.

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