Pilot - Skis CDs

Here is a new Pilot called Skis CDs from the upcoming album, set for an October release! Hey!


This song is about the 2001 movie Valentine, whose Wikipedia page apparently has an "Irony" section now, which was no doubt created by a person who really, really cares about this movie.


If you want a description of the movie, simply look at the picture there of a young David Boreanaz.  Before he was a primetime TV star, we simply knew him as "That freak with big shoulders from Valentine."  There's other people in the movie, but they don't really matter.


The title "Skis CDs" comes from something a love interest of one of the girls said while trying to rip off her rich, tan father. He was explaining to her that his roommate threw him out of his apartment, along with all his stuff, including his "Skis, CDs."  The same guy had a history of using women for their money, as is evidenced later in the movie, when he is confronted by a woman who accuses him of ripping her off with a phony start up .com, sarcastically calling it "bleedmedry.com" (domain available).  Both the "Skis, CDs" quote and the bogus URL address are sampled in this song.


This is one of those songs where we're not expecting anyone to understand.  It's merely a nuclear assault for the senses.