There Goes My Hero

Many years ago I was watching this movie about a war (and I have no idea what it was, so please tell me if you do), where a firefight broke out on the ground between US troops and whoever the enemy was.  While the majority of the US troops advanced on the enemy and risked their lives in the battle, this one dude panicked and was like "Fuck this!,"  and ran the other direction and hid in a fox hole until the gunfire stopped ringing out.  At first, the other troops didn't know what he did, but eventually they were on to him, and he was eventually exposed for being a "coward."


I really felt empathy for that guy, because that would've been me during a war.  I'd of been the "Fuck this!" guy who ran the other way and hid.  I felt bad when the others found out what he did.  He was just scared.  Is that so wrong?  A bunch of people he didn't know were shooting machine guns at him for what was very likely a stupid cause. If not wanting to die in the name of such an abstract concept as "Patriotism" is wrong, call me Mr. Wrong.  I understand about standing by your friends - that's why I think it would be a good idea for ALL of us underprivileged 20-year olds from rural Nebraska to be like "Fuck this!," and run the other way.  Do you think those rich people who put us up to this would risk their lives?  Fuck them, and fuck this. They tricked us into this, and now we're getting the fuck out of here.


It reminds me of an incident that took place when I was at 6th grade camp.  The teachers wanted us students to participate in an "Alligator Hunt," which entailed walking waist deep in a river for miles until a stuffed alligator toy was found.  I wasn't a very good swimmer, and I was a short kid, so I was concerned "waist deep" would mean "neck deep" for me.  When I got to the edge of the river to go in, I said "Fuck this, I'm not doing it." My cabin partner/friend didn't want to do it either, but he eventually and very gingerly walked in and disappeared down the river.  That to me is more cowardly, thank you very much. He was too chickenshit to turn away. So while all those other kids ended up filthy and freezing, me and a few other geeks ended up dry and happy back at the cabin.


So let that be a lesson to you kids, it's important to learn the value of "Fuck this!," because fuck them.