Flight (2012)

Flight is about the story of a man who drank and flew an airplane upside down.  He did it so they wouldn't crash.  But then the people who were trying to help him got mad, because he was drunk while he did it.  They had breakfast together to talk about the airplane, and they got more mad.  Then the man started drinking again.  He went to his cabin, and he got rid of all his drugs.  There was a woman from before, and they drank and had sex in his chair.  That woman was from the hospital with the man in the stairwell.


Later, the woman decided she didn't want to go with him, so she left him a note and left.  Then the man kept getting drunk, and tried to decide what to do.  They had a funeral for the girl he was sleeping with at the beginning.  At the funeral, he tried to tell the other woman what to do, and she got mad.  The man wanted to fly his small plane, but he couldn't.  They kept talking about how no one else could've flown the plane upside down.  The man was mad, because he said the plane had never worked.


Later, the man got really drunk by accident, and the people who were trying to help him called another man to bring drugs.  The man did the drugs, and he was fine.  He went to talk, and decided he didn't want to lie anymore, and he decided to go jail.  In conclusion, at the end of  the movie the man told the other people about how he had lied, and his son came to visit.