At long last, finally, the world can know the genre of Synch, which was invented by some guy who reviews bands and kicks major ass and gets laid.


This is the first of what I hope will be the first of many Synch-collaborations between The Electric Grandmother and Washington DC's Catscan!.


"Synch," as was decided half an hour ago, is wild, trippy, breakbeat-electro music with lyrics about how awesome you and everyone else is.  It's something you'd want to play for your publicist while they publish your shit.  It helps if you wear sunglasses indoors while listening to Synch, as that shit is cray-cray and could blind you.


Without further adieu, here is Big Biz Synch.  Mason from Catscan! provided the breakbeats and synth (synch), which I then manipulated into full Synch-mode, and added the Synch-rhymes.


It go like:


Big Biz Synch, I want you in my business (2)

I think that you're the shit

C'mon baby suck my tit

Big Biz Synch, I want you in my business


See, that's how it goes down in Synch, we dont fuck around with no haters.  Make sure to keep an eye out for these hot young up-and-comers, who are usually tall, blonde, and drop dead gorgeous. Watch out for that opening band though, because they suck.  They try to be ironic, but they still suck.  They tried to be like they were, but it sucked.  I mean, you know they're trying to be bad, but they sucked.  If they were trying for that, they did it, and did suck.

Big Biz Synch
Big Biz Synch.wav
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