Great Moments in Sitcom-Core History #2

This is a series devoted to great moments in the history of Sitcom-Core programming.  This is meant to celebrate the more obscure moments in sitcoms that you may have missed.  You won’t find an over-caffeinated Jesse Spano singing “I’m So Excited” here.


Full House - Season 3, Episode 12 - "Joey & Stacy and...Oh, Yeah, Jesse" - December 15, 1989 


Joey and Jesse had an advertising company called "J & J Creative Services."  One day a backup singer on one of their advertising jingles (Stacy) fell in love with Joey because she once saw his horrible stand-up routine.


Stacy incorrectly advises Joey that his comedy ideas were a worthwhile idea for J & J's commercials, and so he and Jesse get in a disagreement (see: fight) over creative control of the advertising agency. Joey at one point kisses Stacy, and Jesse says "YeeaaAAAH," then Joey says "Ay Chihuahua!!!!," and Jesse says, "Ay Chi-WAWA?"


Anyway, getting to the point - as is indicated in the surrounding pictures and subsequent video, they engage in two separate instances they refer to as "Dueling Sammys," where each of them does an impression of Sammy Davis Jr, each time as a means of making amends.


If you have to ask why it's great, you'll never know.