Great Moments in Sitcom-Core History

This is a series devoted to great moments in the history of Sitcom-Core programming.  This is meant to celebrate the more obscure moments in sitcoms that you may have missed.  You won't find an over-caffeinated Jesse Spano singing "I'm So Excited" here.


Family Matters - Season 2, Episode 3 - "Marriage 101" - September 28, 1990


In this episode, Laura Winslow has the unfortunate task of participating in a school assignment where she is married to Steve Urkel.  She is being heckled by her brother Eddie, as he refers to her as "Mrs. Urkel," to which Laura retorts with the never-fail-classic comeback, "Eddie, is that your face, or did your neck throw up?"


Now this particular retort by Laura is close to my heart, as everyone knows that Mary Alice has always found Eddie Winslow to be extremely ugly.   If anyone's neck were ever to actually "throw up," Eddie would certainly be a person of interest in investigating the phenomena. After Eddie's neck threw up, the project continued with Laura becoming increasingly enraged at Steve, until he (as usual) made her feel guilty with some crock line about "Wanting to reach a star."  It's not worth delving into.  Laura may have eventually given Steve an A+ grade for the assignment, but she gave Eddie's barf head an F-.